6 Effective Things to Do When Your Toilet Smells Like Sewer

When an unlikely smell coming from your toilet is causing you to feel uneasy and annoyed, you go and investigate the source of why your toilet smells like sewer.

Bathroom odors are a big turn off especially if you have guests staying in your home. But it will be worth your time to know where the smell is coming from even if your toilet is visibly clean and sparkling good.

A toilet stinks is an indication that bacteria build-up like molds and mildew are lurking around your bathroom which means a clean fix should happen anytime soon.

Sometimes the sewer smell in the bathroom may also indicate that you have a problem with a clogged drain the needs to be resolved immediately.

Causes Why Your Toilet Smells like Sewer

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The toilet bowl is the number one suspect when it comes to the sewer smell in the bathroom. There are a number of causes why a stench bathroom smell doesn’t go away and sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of the foul odor.

Your sense of smell should be your ally in finding where the smell is coming from.

After a complete cleaning of your bathroom, try sniffing the corners and drains on the bathtub and the floors. Once you realize where the smell in the bathroom is coming from then you will easily know how to deal with it.

In most cases, it may come from the sewer where accumulated organic matter, hair, and wet soaps are breeding grounds for bacteria build up and cause a sewer smell.

A sewage smell is something to look into because it can be unsafe for your health.

Aside from the foul odor, the sewage smell also carries a gas called methane that can be highly flammable. An excessive amount of these sewage gases may cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting if left untreated.

If this is your case then a professional plumber is needed to fix this problem.

For minor clean-up and maintenance of getting rid of foul smell in the bathroom, let’s go ahead and find out what should be done to fix it.

1. Toilet smells from the shower drain.

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Everyday shower leaves sediment formation coming from dead skin cells, shower gels, and hair that can cause clogged shower drain, foul odor, and water leaks over time that gives an unpleasant smell in the bathroom. Getting the sediment out of the shower drain is an easy job that you can do.

Here are what you need:

Boiled water

White vinegar

Baking powder

Step 1: Unscrew the drain cover using a screwdriver.
Step 2: Prepare a mixture of boiled water and white vinegar.
Step 3: Pour the mixture on the drain in a continuous flow.
Step 4: Then you need to pour 1-2 cups of baking powder and let it sit for 2 hours.
Step 5:Pour boiled water again into the stream one more time.
Step 6: Use a brush drain brush to remove leftover sediments.
Step 7: Let the water run continuously for a few minutes.
Step 8: Screw the drain back in place.

The fusion of baking soda and white vinegar will destroy any deposit that has built up in the drain. Clean shower drain once a week to avoid sewer smell in the future.

2. Dry P-trap

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P-trap is the U-shaped pipe located underneath the sink. It usually holds a small amount of water so that sewer gases from the sink are trapped and prevents them from coming out to the bathroom.

A dry p- trap will eventually develop if you seldom use the taps. Therefore, the barrier that protects the sewer gases from coming out will no longer be there and you will run into unpleasant bathroom smells.

Here’s a straightforward solution for fixing the dry p-trap.

Step 1: Open the tap and let water flow for ten minutes to return water to the P-trap.
Step 2: Put a little baking soda into the drain just so as to absorb the foul smell.
Step 3: Check if the smell still persists. If it does then you might need a plumber to check on the pipes.

3. Sink odors

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It also happens that the sewer odor would come to the sink. The reason is the clogging of pipes that leads to p-trap drying. If you don’t use the sink that often it may build up mildew and grimes which can also cause the sewer smell to occur.

Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Scrub the inside of the sink with a brush.
Step 2: You can pour in white vinegar through the hole to dissolve the formation of grime and mildew or you can use a commercial cleaning agent that is equally effective to remove grimes and mildew.
Step 3: Leave it to sit for a few minutes.
Step 4: Rinse by running water to the sink.

4. Bacteria in the water heater

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The water heater is not a common cause for a sewer smell in your bathroom however, if you only notice the sewer smell when you use hot water then it is most likely that the problem is in your water heater.

Bacteria breeds if you don’t regularly use the water heater or rarely turn it on to high temperatures.

You can solve this by:

Step 1: Heating the water to the maximum temperature.
Step 2: Flush it out to get rid of the bacteria.
Step 3: Repeat several times until no smell is noticeable.

If the smell still persists then maybe it’s time to replace your water heater.

5. Loose or broken seal.

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The wax ring which is situated at the base of the toilet bowl is necessary to create a seal between the toilet bowl and the pipe drain but it can be damaged over time if it is not fixed properly.

A loose or broken wax ring can cause water leaks that can get stuck to the floor and the unpleasant sewage smell in the bathroom will emerge. The reason for this is that the sewer gases are passing through the broken wax ring so you need to replace it at once.

Here’s what you can do if the wax ring is severely damaged:

Step 1: Empty the toilet bowl.
Step 2: Scrape off the floor the broken seal.
Step 3: Wear rubber gloves and use a cleaning agent to remove its traces from the floor.
Step 4: After cleaning it, you can set up the new wax ring.
Step 5: Put the toilet bowl back in place.

6. Clogging vent pipe

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Your home plumbing system should include drains that are properly vented. It prevents sewer gas to seep into your home.

If it is clogged, sewer gas will not have a vent to pass through from your house. This will result in a leaking sewer smell that normally comes from the walls of the vent pipe.

You can fix this problem by following these steps:

Step 1: To check the clogs on your vent pipe, you need to go to your roof.
Step 2: Search for any obstruction by shining a light on the vent pipes using a flashlight to see if there are birds’ nests or other debris.
Step 3: If there’s an obstruction, use a long tool to dislodge or remove the clogs.

5 Natural ways for toilet stinks to go away

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After fixing the problems in dealing with sewer smell coming out from your bathroom, you can take hold of these top 5 natural ways to help with your daily keep up for toilet stinks to go away.

1. Baking soda

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Baking soda is one of nature’s wonders that has a lot of uses and one of its great features is its ability to absorb toilet stinks. All you have to do is place a cup of baking soda on top of the toilet tank or bathroom cabinets. You will easily notice the toilet odor and sewer gas smell disappear. It can also remove grime and grout dirt on shower floor tiles and wall tiles.

2. Lemon

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Lemon is a kitchen staple that can make your bathroom smelling good and fresh. Just a slice of lemon will neutralize the toilet bowl’s smell like urine and gives it a fresh scent. No more unpleasant odor and nauseous sensation either. Change it every week for odor control.

3. White Vinegar

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It is not only good for removing toilet smells but also great for cleaning stains. White vinegar is a multipurpose cleaning agent that can clean grime, dirt and sanitize every surface in bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Essential oils

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The scent of essential oils lingers longer than any ordinary air freshener. You can use a diffuser or cotton balls dipped in essential oil and place them in a bowl for a refreshing bathroom scent. Best to use lavender or any essential oils that are not overpowering.

5. Activated Charcoal

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One of the major causes of stench toilet smells is the presence of moisture and humidity. A dry substance like activated charcoal is needed to absorb all the excess moisture that evaporates through the air leaving your bathroom odor-free.

Your Toilet Smells like Sewer? Use the Best Air Freshener for Your Bathroom.

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