What to know about Cedar Oil Spray for Closets

cedar spray for closet

Do you need a cedar spray for closets? If you’re thinking of buying a closet air freshener you need to consider what kind of product has the most benefits.

Cedar oil for closet use is a spray that you might want to know more about because of the reasons I will list below. You can do more with cedar oil spray aside from using it as a closet spray.

It’s not just a cedar spray for closet. It can do so much more than that and here’s why.

siberian cedar

Natural Cedar Oil Spray – Gentle & Non Toxic Essential Oils for Closet, Room, Wood, Drawers

siberian cedar
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What’s a Cedar Spray for Closets?

cedar oil spray

Cedar is a conifer that yields fragrant and durable timber. It’s essentially cedarwood and cedarwood fragrance.

It has lots of benefits that include a natural deodorizing effect, helps prevent molds and mildew from forming, natural bug repellant, and more.

What you need is cedar spray for closet that’s made from pure essential oils to maximize the effects of cedarwood fragrance. It’s a natural deodorizer and a natural insect repellant. It’s also known to freshen clothes naturally.

Why You Need Cedar Oil for Closets

cedar essential oil spray

As mentioned cedar oil spray has many benefits and you can use it for more than a closet spray. Here are some of them.

For deodorizing

Cedarwood has a natural fragrance that’s gentle and deodorizing. Cedar oil spray is even more fragrant because it’s made from the essence of cedar.

The fragrance of cedarwood lasts a long time. That’s why cedar oil spray also has a long-lasting, odor-fighting smell.

It’s effective as a room freshener and can be used in any area in your house.

As a bug repellant (fleas, bed bugs, ants, roaches, scorpions, moths, or any other unwanted insects)

Cedar oil is known to repel bugs like moths, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and chiggers. It does so naturally because insects don’t like the effects of cedar oil.

What happens is the cedar oil leaches moisture away from the insect thus drying it out and eventually killing it. That’s why insects stay away from the cedar smell!

Protect your pets

Cedar oil spray is safe for pets and people. Cedar oil spray is used as protection for pets like dogs because it’s an effective insect repellant.

Cedar oil spray is the least invasive insect repellant and it’s one of the safest.

Unless your dog is sensitive to fragrances, the cedar oil spray should be a great way to protect your dog from pests.

Cedar oil spray is mild and gentle that it can be used as a pillow spray. It’s very safe you don’t need to worry about chemical contamination.

The smell is perfect as a pillow spray because it’s gentle and soothing.

Toilet spray

Do you know that Poo-Pourri is also made of essential oils? That’s why it’s a great deodorizer.

You can also use a cedar oil spray as a Poo-Pouri. Just use a couple of sprays into the bowl before and after pooping and no one will know that you pooped.

What’s the Best Type of Cedar Oil for Closets

There are many closet deodorizers but I believe that cedar oil spray is the best product you can buy. Here’s why.

Cedar oil spray is better than diffusers

A diffuser can be wasteful but it covers your whole house with the scent of essential oils. If you only want a closet spray then you don’t need a diffuser for your closet.

Naturally, a cedar oil spray is more convenient to use if you only need to spray the cedar oil in your closet.

Cedar oil sprays work better than charcoal deodorizers

Charcoal is a great deodorizing product, but it doesn’t have a nice fragrance. With a cedar oil spray, you have the best of both worlds. Nice smelling essential oil and a natural deodorizing effect.

In addition, you’ll protect your clothes from forming molds and mildew, as well as, protect them from insects.

Cedar oil spray works better than gel deodorizers

Gel deodorizers are an acquired taste. They’re great when used in vehicles but they can have an overpowering smell in the closet. A smell that sticks to your clothes.

Cedar oil spray has a gentle fragrance that protects your clothes. It can last for a long time but the fragrance doesn’t necessarily stick to your clothes.

A cedar oil spray is natural and doesn’t have that synthetic smell to it.

Cedar oil spray works better than Febreze

Febreze is a great deodorizer but it’s not specifically made as a closet spray. It’s more of an all-purpose deodorizing spray.

Febreze is not as natural or gentle and can’t be used around people or pets anyway. Cedar oil spray is all-natural and can be used in the home without the worry of harsh chemicals contaminating anything.

Cedar oil spray can be used even around sensitive people or people with allergies. It’s that safe.

Cedar oil spray works better than gel beads

Gel beads are similar to gel can deodorizers but they can be dangerous if you have small children in your home. Gel beads generally look like candy and kids tend to be curious.

Gel beads also smell synthetic. A smell that will stick to your clothes.

Gel beads don’t have the extra benefits of cedar oil for closets. It won’t protect your clothes from insects, molds and mildew, and cloth freshening.

Where Can I Buy Cedar Oil Spray

You don’t have to look too far. Searching Amazon can yield hundreds of results.

The problem with Amazon results is that it can get confusing if you’re buying a quality product or not. There are brands out there that claim they use pure essential oils but put filler in their products anyway.

Not The Crown Choice cedar oil spray!

The bottle is chock-full of high-quality ingredients and pure essential oils. One spray and you know that it’s natural and made from high-quality ingredients.

While it’s easy to buy on Amazon we need to be sure we’re getting pure essential oils. Cheap products don’t use nearly enough essential oils because essential oils are expensive.

Products like The Crown Choice cedar oil spray are a little bit more expensive than other room fresheners because we use only the best ingredients and pure essential oils in each bottle.

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