Do Essential Oils Expire?

I want to answer the question “do essential oils expire?”.

Let’s get into it.

Essential oils are a mixture of numerous compounds characterized by the essence of aromatic plants.

Since essential oils are now readily available, what we need to know is do essential oils go bad, and do essential oils expire?

If it is your first time trying an essential oil it could be more beneficial for you to have prior knowledge of everything about essential oils and not just joining the bandwagon.

Here we will take a look at how long essential oil lasts, will it be safe to use after a few years of lying idle, and the factors that can affect the effectiveness of your essential oils.

Do Essential Oils Expire – Why Purity Matters

Purity is the most important characteristic of essential oil and the main feature you should consider when buying one because pure essential oil brings out the full natural benefits of the plant whether for relaxation (aromatherapy) or treating a headache.

When an essential oil becomes contaminated it will lessen its effectiveness and may pose danger to your health if used continuously.

So how do you spot a low-quality one from pure essential oils?

First, a little research will give you the assurance that the essential oil that you want to buy is of good quality. You can check out the company that manufactures it and get to know how they produce, source, and test their essential oils.

If you still have doubts, here are other ways to check the purity of your essential oils.

1. Pure essential oils are stored in dark amber glass

Essential oils usually are stored in dark-colored glass containers to protect the oils from ultraviolet rays that can degrade their quality in the long run.

Be wary of essential oils that are stored in plastic containers which are not of pure quality because when essential oil gets in contact with plastics, it won’t take long before the plastics will start to break down and the chemical used to make the container will eventually contaminate the essential oils which of course will not be good for you.

Although amber-colored glass is more common for storage bottles you can also choose blue, violet, or green which offers the same extent of protection.

2. Pure essential oils do not leave any residue on paper

One easy way to know if the essential oil you bought is pure is to make a ring test on a white strip of paper.

Let a drop of essential oil dry in a strip of paper and if a visible ring appears in the paper it means that it is not pure essential oil because essential oil is a volatile oil which means that it evaporates when dried.

3. Pure essential oils are not greasy

You can experiment if your essential oil feels greasy by rubbing a drop of it in between your fingers.

If it feels greasy then it’s likely that it has a carrier oil. Pure essential oil does not leave any grease and absorbs quickly by the skin.

Can Essential Oils Expire?

Essential oils have natural antibacterial and antiviral properties that do not expire because they also don’t contain any water. Therefore, they don’t grow mildew, mold, and yeast.

However, they can’t last forever either because there are factors that affect the changes in essential oils such as oxidation.

These changes can affect the quality of your essential oil that’s why essential oil has a shelf life.

Simply put that pure high-quality essential oils are always diluted with a carrier oil because essential oil alone can irritate our skin due to their strength.

Thus, the shelf life of your essential oil is dependent also on the carrier oils it was diluted with.

For instance, some carrier oils like black currant and borage have a shorter shelf life and can go bad in about six months while grapeseed and soybean oil can last up to a year.

On the other hand, coconut oil and jojoba oil can last until 6 years.

It really depends on what constitutes the essential oils that determine its shelf life and the reaction of these constituents from outside factors that affect the essential oil to go bad.

Likewise, you should need to know the contributing factors that affect its oxidation so that you can slow down the rate and extend the shelf life of your essential oils.

These factors are oxygen, light, and temperature.

If you want to be scientific with this, a thorough review of the stability of essential oils is found here.

Here Are the Three Main Elements That Give Rise to the Changing of Properties of the Essential Oils.

1. Oxygen

Oxygen changes the chemical composition of the essential oils as it reacts to their constituents. It is probably the biggest contributing factor to oxidation.

Oxidation happens when oxygen is present. Oxygen consumes the electrons from the key ingredients of essential oil which brings about changes in the chemical composition of the essential oils.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the essential oil is rancid or spoiled but its function or benefits will not be as good as before when you first opened the bottle.

To minimize exposure, here are some tips:

  • Don’t let your essential oils sit open for a long time.
  • Recap your bottles of essential oils tightly and quickly right after each use.
  • If you prefer you can re-bottle your essential oil to a much smaller bottle if you’re only using a small amount. In doing so you limit the exposure of the entire essential oils and extend its shelf life.

2. Light

Exposure of essential oils to sunlight can quickly change its chemical composition even for a short period because exposure to UV light triggers the reaction of oxygen-free radicals in the essential oils altering their chemical compositions and give way to brand new ones.

Storing essential oils properly will avoid changes in their original composition. Keeping it in a cabinet away from light will be a good idea.

3. Temperature

According to studies ambient temperature crucially influences the stability of essential oils.

Generally, chemical reactions tend to hasten essential oils under heat and temperature variations. especially in citrus essential oils.

To prevent oxidation from happening, you can store your essential oil in your fridge but make sure that the temperature is no colder than 5 to 10 celsius.

In the summer, where it is more susceptible to heat, it is important that they are kept in the fridge and take them out for about 12 hours before you use them.

This way they can adjust to the room temperature. Give it a gentle shake to make sure that the waxy particles are dissolved.

Therefore, it is just wise to properly keep all essential oils from high temperatures or near heat.

How to Tell If It’s Expired?

Although pure essential oils don’t go bad as quickly as food does they can change over time through the process of oxidation when they come in contact with outside properties like oxygen, light, and temperature. Once this happens, essential oils lose their therapeutic properties and fragrance.

Furthermore, it will be hard to determine what oils they have changed into and it will be difficult also to find out whether or not they are safe to use.

One helpful way is to keep track of how long you have had it by marking the bottle with the date you first used it.

Here are other practical indications that your essential oils are no longer effective and maybe time to toss or replace them.

  • The smell of the essential oil has changed since you first opened the bottle. For instance, some citrus essential oils like lemon and grapefruit will have an unpleasant scent.
  • The color has changed or it becomes cloudy like in the case of peppermint and chamomille
  • It has changed in viscosity. It may have become thicker or thinner than it was when you first used it.

In any case, once you see these visible changes in your essential oils you should avoid inhaling or use them on your skin. Expired essential oils may be harmful to use.

How to Prolong the Life of Essential Oils?

Most essential oils have a shelf life and as mentioned its shelf life will be dependent on the carrier oil that it has and its chemical composition.

However, you can still extend the shelf life of your essential oils with these practical tips:

1. Avoid overexposure to oxygen

To prevent your essential oils from expiring early and to ensure their effectiveness, make sure to limit the time that it is uncapped because the longer it is uncapped the more that oxygen can penetrate into the oils.

Make sure also that the bottle of your essential oil is capped tightly as oxygen may still get in and start the oxidation process.

Essential oils are very reactive to light and promote the formation of oxygen free-radicals.

2. Keep your essential oils away from heat, direct sunlight, and any light sources as they are flammable.

It is best kept in a cool dry place like in your kitchen cabinets or medicine cabinets.

But if you don’t have enough space in storing essential oil, you can make use of a storage box.

You can place them in a place where the temperature is cool and make sure that you don’t leave them lying around. Re-cap it tightly and store it back in the box after use.

3. Since ultraviolet lights affect the composition of essential oil, you can use a smaller dark-colored essential oil bottle in storing because it will prevent oxygen from being trapped once it is opened.

This will help prevent early oxidation and extend the shelf life of your essential oil.

Pure Essential Oils Based Air Fresheners

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These days, essential oils are just everywhere and their uses are increasing in popularity.

You can find them incorporated in most personal care products, household cleaning products, and even home care products like air fresheners.

Essential oils that are found in air fresheners are natural, safe, and non-toxic. They are versatile and work well naturally freshen the air in your home.

Citrus oils like lemon in particular are a favorite essential oil in cleaning. It has innate antibacterial and antiviral properties that attack and dissolve any dirt, helps in absorbing and eliminating bad odors, and are environmentally safe.

The use of pure high-quality essential oils in air fresheners that has been taken from the natural source will yield the greatest result and such is what The Crown Choice Lemon Zest Air Freshener offers.

The Best Air Fresheners That Has Plant-based Essential Oils

The Crown Choice Lemon Room Spray is the best air freshener that uses natural essential oils in its product.

It is formulated to contain lemon citrus oils and rosemary essential oils, natural deodorizer, and natural preservatives that safely attract and neutralize even the strongest smell like pet smells and smoke.

Its uses dark-colored containers that will help in preventing exposure to light and heat so you’ll get only the high-quality essential oil that is inside each bottle of freshness.

People love and enjoy its long-lasting fresh and crisp aroma of natural lemon zest that relaxes the senses with its gentle home fragrance.

It doesn’t contain any artificial perfumes or fragrances, synthetic colors, and no animal by-products. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Safe to use around children and pets. Best also to spray on fabrics, shoes, pet beddings, garages, and upholsteries.

If you’re tired of using an air freshener that doesn’t give the best result in eliminating and neutralizing unpleasant odors or just plain doubtful about their ingredients you can’t even pronounce, you may seek the natural way by trying The Crown Choice Lemon Air Fresheners.

Get one now and experience the difference.

Do Essential Oils Expire – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many years do essential oils last?

The shelf life of essential oil is dependent also on the carrier oils it was diluted with. Some may last until 6 months while others go on until 6 years.

2. How can you tell if essential oils have gone bad?

You can tell if it has gone bad through changes in color, smell, and consistency.

3. How long are essential oils good once opened?

Once opened it will last a long time provided that it will not be exposed to air, light, and heat. Proper storage is also important to prolong the life of your essential oil.

4. Can expired essential oil be used?

An expired essential oil cannot be used anymore. It’s better to toss them out from your cabinet or buy a new one. It will be harmful to inhale or apply to your skin.

5. Are essential oils safe for children?

You should remember that essential oils are also flammable. It will be for the children’s safety to keep it away from them. It is not something that they can play with.


Now that you have taken a short look through the answer to the question “do essential oil expires?” It will not be difficult for you to purchase your first set of essential oils and take the knowledge with you to buy natural air freshener products without any hesitation.

The Best Plug in Air Freshener Alternatives

The use of air fresheners is gaining popularity due to their ability to eliminate unwanted odors in the home, as well as to ‘refresh’ the air.

Because of this, manufacturers already thought of different gimmicks to make air fresheners more efficient. One example is converting an aerosol air freshener to a plug-in air freshener. To emit fragrance, this type of air freshener use heat induction technology and specific heat-activated scented gels.

The case of plug in air fresheners being kid unfriendly is a huge concern of most stay-at-home parents. While the majority would say that electronic air fresheners are on the top of the trend, some would want a ‘better’ alternative.

In this article, you will find the best plug in air fresheners available in the market, their best alternatives, and some tips on how you can keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Top 3 Plug in Air Fresheners of 2021

A plug in air freshener is mostly chosen over aerosols because of these three main reasons:

  1. It has a long-lasting scent.
  2. It is automatic.
  3. Can easily be installed anywhere.

Now that you know why plug in air fresheners are a hit, here are three of the best plug in air fresheners available in the market today.

Febreze Plug in Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

plug in air freshener

Febreeze has been one of the biggest brands when it comes to air fresheners. Their product, Febreze Plug in Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, promises to last up to 1200 hours when settings are on low.

What we like:

  • The Febreeze plug in air freshener has rotating plugs which is very convenient for those who have outlets placed sideways.
  • Available in local stores and online.

What we don’t like:

  • Unless plugged in in a small room, the scent is not that noticeable.
  • Plugs and refills are sold separately.

Glade PlugIns Air Freshener Warmer

glade plug in air freshener

Glade by SCJohnson has been one of the top manufacturers of air fresheners up to date. They have also been one of the pioneers of plug in air fresheners.

Glade PlugIns Air Freshener Warmer is the newest innovation next to their famous Glade Plug-ins which promises to make scents last up to 50 days on low settings.

What we like:

  • Glade features different scents to your liking: tropical, citrus, floral, etc.
  • Available in any local grocery store.

What we don’t like:

  • The plug can be rotated but you have to unscrew it and screw it back to your desired position.
  • Some users say that the plug-ins don’t really last up to 50 days. They say it lasts only two weeks.

Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser is a diffuser/humidifier type of plug in air freshener. This means it has a tank which you have to fill with water and the essential oil of your choice. The oil will produce the fragrance emitted by the device.

What we like:

  • Because it utilizes essential oils, the scent lasts longer than other plug in air fresheners.
  • The device automatically shuts off whenever the tank is already empty.

What we don’t like:

  • Sometimes the oils clog the filter, thus lessening the mist.
  • It’s quite bulky and needs to have a specific space in the room.

Best Plug in Air Freshener Alternatives of 2021

As convenient as it may sound, plug in air fresheners aren’t as good for the health and home. These are some disadvantages of a plug in air freshener:

  1. Most plug in air fresheners use harsh chemicals such as phthalates and naphthalene.
  2. These automatic air fresheners can trigger allergies and asthma.
  3. They are not pet-friendly.
  4. Plug in air fresheners take up a whole wall socket.

If you’re not a fan of plug in air fresheners, these naturally scented air fresheners are for you.

The Crown Choice Natural Air Freshener

The Crown Choice Natural Air Freshener is a game-changer when it comes to natural fragrances used in the home. Its scent is derived from natural plant extracts and doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives at all!

You can choose from the different scents: Indian Verbana, Madagascar Cookie, Lemon Zest, Lavender, Natural Cedar, Natural Eucalyptus, Spa BoraBora, and Spanish Citrus.

What we like:

  • It is made using essential oils – no gases, fillers, or toxic chemicals.
  • It brightens any room or piece of linen as it deodorizes and eliminates odors with its beautiful scents.
  • The fragrance is long lasting because of the natural essential oils.

This product line is safe for pets and kids and can be used all throughout the home, even on bed sheets and pillows!

If you want to try these scents, you can purchase them on The Crown Choice website or on Amazon.

Bath and Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Scented Candle

bath and body works

This Bath and Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Scented Candle boasts a red wine-like scent that calms and relaxes the body and mind. It is also used as aromatherapy aside from it being an air freshener.

What we like:

  • The initial smell is good, and its throw becomes better.
  • When burned for a couple of hours, it wafts throughout the entire house.

What we don’t like:

  • When broken, the glass holding this candle can cause injuries.
  • When left unattended, this candle may cause fires, incredibly when toppled over.
  • The scent may not be suitable for children or pets.

MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag

A MOSO Bag is a revolutionary and natural way of removing unwanted fragrances by absorbing them. It contains natural bamboo charcoal, which according to their website, ‘ionically attracts’ the odor particles in the air.

What we like:

  • It “rejuvenates” in the sun with all-natural ingredients and is excellent for small spaces.
  • It is inexpensive and lasts for up to two (2) years.

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t work immediately and is not that effective on tough pet odors.
  • It has an awkward packaging with a small size that only covers a tiny space.

Aside from their official website, you can purchase a MOSO Bag on Amazon.

Plug in Air Freshener: Pros and Cons

Air fresheners are used by people in their homes, in their cars, and especially in their bathrooms. However, the majority do not know anything other than its ability to freshen any room you use it.

Here are some reasons to consider when using an air freshener, as well as causes that would make you think otherwise.


  • It has controllable scent settings so that you can choose your scent.
  • Install them anywhere that smells bad.
  • It has a long-lasting fragrance, making it easier than cleaning.
  • It is a nice decoration that your guests will appreciate, too.
  • It helps improve your mood.


  • It fills the air with unnatural chemicals and can be environmentally unfriendly.
  • It can trigger asthma and other allergies and could be bad for children and pets.
  • It doesn’t replace the cleaning process.
  • It just covers up odor and doesn’t get rid of them.
  • It will cost you since it needs to be replaced continuously.
  • It takes up space in the wall outlet.

Natural Air Freshener: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, people are using more natural air fresheners inside homes and in cars. Using these natural air fresheners creates beautiful fragrances, which helps make our homes a wonderful and fresh ambience.

People use natural ones like those fruit and lemon rich fragrances to create refreshing scents. Along with advantages, there also comes disadvantages which most of us experience with the air fresheners we use.


  • Most air fresheners use natural essential oils to make their scents.
  • Natural air fresheners eliminate odors and avoid mixing uncomplimentary smells.
  • It eliminates airborne pathogens.
  • It is flexible and is designed to fit any room or place that needs freshening up.
  • It portrays a positive frame of mind and a positive change in mood.
  • It is convenient and can come in many scents, all-natural.


  • Some natural air fresheners still involve chemicals and the presence of toxins.
  • It can be allergic and harmful for children.
  • It can be expensive yet not a permanent solution.

Finding the Air Freshener of Your Choice

The best is still the natural ones. We can never trade convenience from plug-in air fresheners for all-natural fragrances, especially at the expense of our health and those who we value, love, and protect.

So, with this simple choice of going natural instead of the other way around, we can be assured that we not only get our money’s worth in terms of having our air freshener, but more importantly, we can also have peace of mind that we are safe and settled.

Best Car Air Freshener

A car is the extension of your home. This is very true for people and families who just love to travel together with their friends, kids, and even pets so you need to make it clean and smelling fresh as you would do with our house.

When everybody is all geared up for the fun ride, it can’t be avoided getting a little messy inside the car and unpleasant smells may tend to gather. After all, the smell is responsible for much of our memories and emotions especially when we travel and meet people.

So whether it’s a bumper-to-bumper ride, running an errand, or up for a long drive, you need a reliable car air freshener to keep your vehicle smelling great.

Benefits of the best car air freshener

content 1

Driving a car is not only an important activity but an essential part of our daily routine in life whether leisurely or commuting. It should be treated to the extent of giving it the best care not only to look good and run fast but also to keep its ambiance neat and clean against the humid and stuffy temperature inside the car. That’s why a car air freshener is a necessity to have in your car.

However, not all air freshers are capable of giving you clean and well-being altogether. There are car air fresheners that have chemical-based ingredients that inhaling it may give you a reaction while organic natural made best car air fresheners includes essential oils that are efficient in boosting good mood and focus even in the middle of the extreme traffic jam by clearing away unpleasant car smell.

With just a fresh and invigorating car smell from a spray air freshener, you can have the most enjoyable car experience ever. If you haven’t thought of using a car air freshener then here’s a list of what you are missing.

1. The best car air fresheners can neutralize bad car smell

The circulation of confined air for long inside the car may cause a bad smell within the interior. It will be an annoying experience to drive with such an unpleasant car smell that penetrates through your nose every second you are in the car. You can’t help but just roll down your windows to let the odor come out but then again it will invite more pollutants so the best solution is to get your car an air freshener that will neutralize the bad odor leaving your car smelling fresh.

2. The best car air fresheners allows freshness inside the car

Since you can’t roll down your car windows for a long time, it is inevitable to encounter an unpleasant odor inside the car.

This experience can be stressful especially if you’re in for a long drive. The best solution is to get your car an air freshener that will help in keeping your car nice and fresh on the inside making your drive a stress-free experience.

The best car air fresheners are those that are naturally made and have an organic element in them. Air fresheners are accessories your car can do without aside from seat covers and bass speakers.

3. Pet car air freshener can eliminate odors of pets

If you love pets then it is likely that you bring them along with your travels. It is possible then that your fur babies’ smell will float around the car’s interior.

You can get rid of it by simply use the best car air freshener to remove pets’ smell and have an enjoyable drive with them.

4. Natural disinfectant

If you are in the car-sharing business or have guests, co-workers, and other people hop into your car then this may bring in germs from outside. Air fresheners are just what you need to disinfect the car’s interior before your guests get in and after they get off from your car.

Car air fresheners are known to eliminate airborne pathogens that may be circling inside the car. It is best to have air freshers to keep the quality of air inside to have a safe and worry-free drive.

5. The best car air fresheners are convenient

A car needs all the scrubbing, washing, and cleaning of its entire interior to make it spotless and obtain that new car smell of freshness.

However, do we really have the time to do it on a regular basis? Some might be busy running chores or working on weekdays and when we do get free time on a weekend some might spend it to relax and rest.

To all this, car air fresheners are a good alternative that provides convenience if you don’t have the energy to clean your car. You can just place or hang an air freshener that will continue to work even there’s no one inside.

In this way, whenever you get into your car you will be welcomed with a nice fruity or morning breeze scent instead of a bad smell.

Types of air freshener

There are different types of air fresheners that you can choose from. They differ in how they work, their main ingredients, and the variety of scents they have.

Getting to know these types of air fresheners will help you choose the right and the best air fresheners for your car based on what you need.

Here’s the list of the types of air freshener you can select for your car.

1. The hanging air fresheners

content 2

This type of air freshener is a more common one and has different varieties but the most favorite one that consumers use is the hanging cardboard type. It normally consists of a piece of cardboard that is hanged in the car mostly on the rearview mirror. It comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes but is not too large to obstruct your view.

The cardboard air fresheners are infused with a specific scent that is slowly released when the air blows from a car’s air conditioning vent. It is affordable but can only last around 1-2 weeks of use.

The cardboard type may also come in a pouch that uses odor-absorbing bamboo charcoal that does not provide fragrance so if you are allergic to any fragrances, this bamboo charcoal pouch will be for you. You can hang it on the rearview mirror or everywhere and may last longer up to a year and more.

2. Vent clip air fresheners

content 3

This type of air freshener as the name implies is clipped to mount to the air conditioner vents. This car air freshener is typically a pad or in a can that is infused with fragrance. Most of it comes in the form of a gel or in oil-based formulations with some uses a wick that is dipped in a jar that has essential oil.

Vent clip air fresheners can be controlled by the air coming from the AC to distribute the scent which means that you can manage the increase or decrease of the scent depending on how fast you distribute airflow with the use of the AC.

Another good about vent clip air fresheners is that it is re-usable and you just need to refill it when its aroma is already used up.

Vent clips air fresheners are fast-acting because they use Ac to distribute the aroma that usually lasts around 30 days and is moderately priced.

3. Stick-on car air freshener

content 4

This type of air freshener is a gel-type air freshener that you can stick on the surface of your car usually on the dashboard.

It’s in the form of a strip or block of gel which is sticky and contains a sweet or fruity smell that once mounted releases the fragrance inside the car that lasts longer. Although it is affordable, it may not be strong enough to masks a powerful odor.

4. Can air freshener products

content 5

This is a type of air freshener that is in gel form inside a can. It has a blend of aroma that can be released in the air over a course of time with the help of a rotatable lid.

This rotatable lid has spaces that can be narrowed to control the amount of air freshener coming out or widened to increase the release of the scent.

You can put it in the dashboard, on the floor, or cup holders and lasts for 1-2 months.

5. Plug-in car freshener

content 6

This air freshener uses a light port to work. It usually contains essential oils that once plugged into the outlet the essential oil is heated and vaporize which then releases the fresh aroma.

They are the most effective type to counter strong odors and also the most expensive among other types of air freshener.

6. Spray car air fresheners

content 1

Lastly, this type of car air fresheners are likened to an aerosol spray used at home and some commercial places.

It contains a fragrant mixture that is inside a pressurized can. You need to release the pressure in order for the air freshener mist to come out from the spray nozzle.

It provides instant relief from powerful odor and can be directly sprayed on the source itself. However, it is only meant for a short-term solution and won’t last long which means you need to re-apply constantly.

Do it yourself car air fresheners

While you may afford to buy the cheap car air freshener, it is more satisfying if you make it yourself.

In addition, you can have the scent that you like and can actually know the ingredient you’re using which you can’t say about commercial air freshener products. It’s easy and a fun thing to do with your kids or friends.

How to do a fabric hanging tree air freshener

Things you need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • pencil
  • paper
  • craft felt
  • cardboard
  • fabric glue
  • ribbon
  • essential oil

Step 1: Draw a template for the air freshener on a piece of paper

  • you can use whatever design you want like animals or Christmas trees.

Step 2: Trim the template with sharp scissors

  • remove the excess material so only the template remains
  • make adjustments to your template as needed so that it not only looks good but also will not get in the way while you drive.

Step 3: Place the template on the craft fabric and cut around it then cut a second identical shape for the opposite side of the air freshener.

  • You can use craft felt because it is absorbent.

Step 4: Trace the template in the cardboard also and cut around it.

  • The cardboard is meant for reinforcement. If you use fabric alone it will get a little flimsy.

Step 5: Spread the fabric glue to the cardboard to secure the fabric to it.

  • Cover one side of the cardboard with a bead of glue and press one piece of the fabric on it then flip it and apply the same to the other side.
  • Let the glue dry for 2-4 hours.

Step 6: Drip 10-20 drops of essential oil into the fabric.

  • Spread out the essential oil across the fabric so it won’t be concentrated to one side alone.

Step 7: When it is dry to the touch, then you can punch a hole through the top of the air freshener to hang it.

  • Use a mechanical punch to pierce cleanly to the cardboard.

Step 8: Hang the air freshener by looping a ribbon through the hole.

  • You can use yarn, string, or twine as an alternative if you don’t have ribbons.

If the oil starts to wear out, you can re-apply with more essential oils.

Watch this video for the full tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my car smell good all the time?

You can make it smell by cleaning it periodically to remove the unwanted smell or if you don’t have the time you can use a car air freshener to eliminate odors with a sweet-smelling scent.

2. Why is it better to make my own car air freshener?

  • it’s cost-effective when you make it yourself.
  • You can have the scent that you like.
  • You’ll know the ingredient that was used.
  • It’s fun and easy to do.

3. What is the best car air freshener?

There are different types of other air fresheners that you can choose from. They differ in how they work, their main ingredients, and the variety of scents they have. It’s really up to you to choose which one you need.

If you prefer a spray car air freshener that contains essential oils that naturally deodorizes and eliminates odors check out our selections of natural air fresheners.


Best Air Freshener for Home Use

content 1

Before, nobody knows what’s the best air freshener for home that’s safe to use. The only thing you can do about the foul smell was to open the door and windows to let the air naturally and sweep away the smell.

Now, those days are over.

There’s the best air freshener for home use that will help you get rid of the smells of dirt, mold, dampness, pet odors, stale stuff, and even the savory smell of your last night’s dinner.

Air fresheners have been around since the beginning. These were in the form of herbs and nice smelling plants that people used to mask some ungodly smell.

Nowadays, air fresheners have evolved with features like different scents, shapes, and sizes with a common goal of keeping your home smelling fresh and pleasant.

So whether you use incense, scented candles, or time-operated dispensing air freshener as room deodorizers, there is always one that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Natural Air Freshener – Non-toxic, liquid spray for home and bathroom (LEMON ZEST)

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What is an air freshener?

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It is a product that dispenses natural scents in the air. It makes your home smelling fresh and clean through a variety of product mediums like aerosols, candles, potpourri, and gels.

Uses of air freshener

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Fragrances can boost mood, enhance relaxation or sleep, and relieve some stress.

The fruity scent of lemons, limes, and oranges air freshener can make your kitchen alive and busy. While the sweet scent of lavender, vanilla, and chamomile essential oil room freshener spray can bring about relaxation and peace in your bedrooms.

Where else can you use an air freshener?

1. Use it in your bathroom

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If there’s a place where you don’t want bad odor to stay, it’s in the bathroom.

Let’s face it, when you wake up in the mornig, the first thing you do is to go there.

You may notice, there are different kinds of odors in the bathroom alone.

So what can you do to freshen it?

You can make your bathroom experience more bearable by lighting a scented candle or you can use a bathroom air freshener toilet spray and directly spritz into the water of the toilet bowl after every use.

2. Use it in your kitchen

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Once the cooking is done, the kitchen is left with an unpleasant smell.

You may not smell it right away but a guest can smell the odor instantly.

It’s good to have the best air freshener at the corner to neutralize any odor and smoke that can accumulate during your cooking.

3. Use it in your car

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Using a car air freshener inside your vehicle is a must.

A car is considered as a mobile home where your family can enjoy long travels. But it can also get messy inside and an unpleasant smell can gather.

Use a car freshener that has natural essential oils for a long-lasting scent. It can make you feel relax and calm while you relish your trip with your loved ones.

4. Use it in your bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a haven for a good night’s sleep and relaxation.

Giving it a splash of natural scent room freshener spray will not only give scents for a longer period but also increase your calm for a restful night.

The Crown Choice has a selection of room freshener spray that is made with essential oils. These are natural and chemical-free that can brighten any room while giving your health a good boost.

It’s also the best natural air freshener for linen and other bedroom accessories.

5. Use it in your living room

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Your living room must be the busiest part of your home with your kids running around and everyone hanging out in the room.

A natural air freshener can come in handy as room spray to keep the bad odors away and keep the room smelling fresh and clean.

lemon zest bottle

Natural Air Freshener – Non-toxic, liquid spray for home and bathroom (LEMON ZEST)

lemon zest bottle
Vanilla – 467 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      758 REVIEWS 4.38 of 5

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Best air fresheners – Types of air fresheners

You might think that the only purpose of an air freshener for home is to conceal unpleasant odors. This isn’t so. There are also air fresheners that sanitize the air and not just mask the odor.

To help you out in choosing which type of air freshener suits your needs, here’s the list:

1. Air fan air freshener

This type of air freshener is battery operated that looks and operates like a fan. The fragrance comes from scent cartridges. It can deodorize a room or the entire home.

If you need low maintenance without the use of spray or gel, you can go with an air fan. It’s small and can fit a tabletop.

But, it can also be costly since they require a specific type of cartridge that keeps the liquid or oil from evaporating faster.

You might want to keep a handful by ordering ahead of time before it runs out.

2. Traditional air fresheners

Traditional air fresheners contain a gel that evaporates over time.

You can use it in areas like under the cabinet bathroom. It’s small, easy to use, and inexpensive.

3. Non-mechanical air diffusers

These are the types of air fresheners that don’t use heat to diffuse the essential oils.

Using heat to disperse the oil may release harmful chemicals into the air. Although essential oils don’t contain harmful chemicals, it’s the reaction from the heating of oils that can result in this chemical being released.

Some of the non-mechanical, non-heating diffusers are evaporative diffusers, nebulizers, ultrasonic diffusers, and time-operated mist dispensers.

4. Plug-ins

Plug-ins come with a warmer that releases the flow of fragrance once plugged in.

This is commonly used in most homes and it comes with a fragrance refill.

They are very convenient to use, easy on the pocket and the scent can last for weeks.

They also don’t use much of the electricity so you need not worry about your utility bills.

5. Aroma beads

They are fun to use. Just place them on the fragrant oil and let it absorbed the scent.

You can place it on a bag and put it in the closets, drawers, and on tabletops.

Just keep them away from heat or near warm places as they will melt and make a mess.

6. Potpourri

Potpourri is a collection of herbs and spices meant to be appealing to the eyes and nose.

You can also make your own scented potpourri by using different flowers, leaves, and oils to bring the right scent of your liking.

7. Incense

Incense is the burning of aromatic parts such as myrrh, sandalwood, cinnamon, and lavender usually with a stick or cone.

Some people find the smell of burning scent very relaxing. It’s also safer to use. You can leave it burning and won’t cause any fire because it will just die down once it reached the end of the wick.

8. Scented candles

This is the most popular type because it comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and fragrances that can be decorative pieces for your home.

However, don’t leave it unattended as it can be a fire hazard.

If you worry about it you can buy a plate warmer for your candles. Just plug it in, put the candles on top, and as it melts it will emit the scent from the candles.

How to choose the best air freshener?

Now that you have an idea of what type of air freshener fits your needs, there are also some considerations that you need to know in choosing your best air freshener.

Here they are:

1. Scent strength

When choosing an air freshener, you must decide if you want a strong scent that will eliminate bad odors and at the same time will be safe for kids and pets.

There are some air fresheners that are unscented as an option. They simply neutralize the odor without replacing them with any scent.

2. Room size

You can go for more powerful air fresheners with scents that can be distributed throughout the room whether big or small.

3. Cool Features

It offers cool features that you can choose from such as motion sensors, timers, and lights.

You may also want to go with the best air fresheners that have an all natural ingredients or have safety features on them.

You also may want to consider if the features may be safe for kids and pets.

4. Ingredients

You have to be wary of what’s inside an air freshener as some may not include a list of the ingredients they use.

Not all fragrances are deemed to be safe especially if your family has some sensitivity to synthetic scents. That’s why it’s always good to read the labels.

Instead, keep one’s eye on those that have natural and organic ingredients or homemade air fresheners with an infusion of essential oils.

Do-it-yourself air freshener

There is always a spot that draws odor in every home.

It may be your hamper with dirty clothes, a shoe cabinet, or a diaper pail. Whatever is causing those odors, a handy air freshener is always a good idea to eliminate it.

If you want a customized scent for your home, you can make one yourself.

We found some hepful DIYs that you can try at home. Here are some tools and steps in creating homemade air fresheners.

Supplies you need for DIY air fresheners

1. Essential oils

You can add whatever essential oils suit your smell. The fun part is you get to mix and match with scented oils.

Essential oils let you achieve the natural scent that you want and at the same time makes for a great room deodorizer.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol or Vodka can be added to make the essential oil and water mix thoroughly.

However, you can omit it if you like. If you don’t have a lot of rubbing alcohol stored, you can use real vanilla extract which can add perks to your essential oil.

3. Spray bottle

Use an 8 oz. spray bottle for DIY recipes below but you can double the recipe and have it in a bigger bottle.

Choose a bottle spray that produces a fine mist that works well for longer use.

3 easy steps to make DIY air fresheners

The steps in DIY air fresheners are very much straightforward and easy to follow.

Step 1: Fill the spray bottle with vodka or alcohol or vanilla extract.

Step 2: Add drops of essential oil of your choice.

Step 3: Shake the bottle a few times before use then spray it on linens, beds, and just about everywhere.

5 recipes for easy DIY air fresheners

1. Relaxing lavender and chamomile

This is perfect spritzing in your bedroom and kids’ bedroom for a calm and restful night for your family.

  • 3/2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops chamomile essential oil

2. Pleasant holiday spray

It’s the holiday feel with this recipe. It’s warm, cozy, and inviting.

  • 3/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons real vanilla extract
  • 6 drops orange essential oil
  • 5 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 5 drops cloves essential oil

3. Cheerful home air freshener

This blend of essential oils on this recipe has a welcoming feel your guest will appreciate.

  • 3/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons of vodka, alcohol, or real vanilla extract.
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil

4. Purifying spray

  • 3/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons of vodka, alcohol, or real vanilla extract
  • 4 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 8 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil

5. Citrusy and minty spray

Gives you a fresh and invigorating smell.

  • 3/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons vodka, alcohol, or real vanilla extract
  • 10 drops of wild orange essential oil
  • 8 drops peppermint essential oil

Watch this video for more recipes:

Tips in making your own DIY air freshener

  1. You can mix and match the essential oils to achieve the scents that you like.
  2. You can do away with the vodka, rubbing alcohol, and vanilla extract if you don’t like it. It won’t reduce the effectiveness of the air freshener.
  3. You can use tap water for your air freshener. However, if you are concern about molds and mildew that can come from tap water you could always use distilled water.
  4. Always use essential oils that have good quality and are in natural form as much as possible. Avoid vegetable oil or other kinds of oil other than essential oils to avoid oil spots that would ruin your furniture or carpets.
  5. Use a funnel to add your ingredients to your sprayer to avoid any spills and make things easy.
  6. Do shake your homemade air freshener a few times before use because essential oils tend to float on top of the water.

DIY air freshener vs store-bought

Some of the store-bought commercial air fresheners may contain some harmful chemicals like synthetic fragrances that may cause allergic reactions and other chemicals like formaldehyde and phthalates known for carcinogen and hormone disruption.

You can’t trust much the store-bought air fresheners to freshen your home and yet will give you these chemicals that are not good for your health.

Instead, here are the many reasons why it’s good to make your own best air fresheners rather than buy them in a store.

First, it is cost-effective. It only takes few ingredients usually include what’s on your stash so you don’t have to endure a boring smelling house.

Second, making it your own will allow you to experience the health benefits of essential oils while sanitizing your home as well.

Third, homemade air fresheners are all-natural and do not contain harmful chemicals.

But if you want to give a try a good product that has the best air freshener to offer then head on to where you can choose their all-natural scents that don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

lemon zest bottle

Natural Air Freshener – Non-toxic, liquid spray for home and bathroom (LEMON ZEST)

lemon zest bottle
Vanilla – 467 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
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Best Air Freshener for Home – Frequently asked questions

1. How can I make my house smell good all the time?

Use an all-natural air freshener that will deodorize and sanitize the air in your house or you can make one by following that DIY air freshener above.

2. What are air fresheners that don’t have a smell?

You could use bamboo charcoal-based air fresheners that eliminate odor but don’t replace them with scent.

3. What is the best air freshener for home?

The best air freshener for home is the ones that are natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals that can hurt your family’s health.

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