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Best natural room and air fresheners on the market – no synthetic. Made with essential oils.

best air freshener indian verbena
  • Our best room freshener
  • Lemongrass verbena scent
  • Deodorizes and eliminates odors
lemon zest air freshener non toxic natural
  • NEW: Lemon rosemary scent
  • Delicious crisp citrusy scent
  • Brighten any room or linen
madagascar cookie natural Bathroom Freshener
  • Fan fav: Warm inviting home scent
  • Quality vanilla and cinnamon combo
  • Rooms, bathrooms, after the toilet

Experience why people love our natural room fresheners

Safe to use & made with essential oils. No aerosol gasses, fillers, toxic chemicals.


Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products


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Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

How to choose the best air and room freshener for your home

The best room freshener should be natural. It’s common knowledge that chemical air fresheners are extremely harmful to people. Chemical air fresheners can’t be the best when its harmful.

But what does that mean when we say natural? Many companies, including the big ones, claim that their air freshener product is classified as a non-toxic room freshener.

Does it mean anything to label a room freshener as the best air freshener because it’s natural, organic, or green?

Yes. Having the label natural, organic, or green is still important.

A claim is one thing, but more than that is the ability of the company to be truthful to the claim. This is the standard our company aspires to. We don’t use false advertising.

Unlike big companies, our reputation and our relationship with our customers are the most valuable assets we have. When we say our product is natural, it’s backed up by rigorous testing and quality checks.

The Best Room Freshener is Gentle

Our room freshener is the best air freshener because it is safe and gentle on humans, animals, and the environment. Aerosol air fresheners have an overpowering smell and they are chemical-laden.

It’s easy to tell which is which once you use the products. The difference is almost night and day.

There are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in most aerosol air fresheners. These VOCs can cause long-term health problems according to credible studies.

These aerosol sprays also leave an awful smell and harms you right away. You might’ve slightly inhaled these sprays before by accident. People can intuitively tell how harmful the chemical is just by that artificial smell.

I’m sure the coughing and irritation lingered long after the exposure.

Now, imagine if your kids or pets inhaled these sprays. Worse, what if you have asthma?

The Best Room Freshener is Effective

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you spray an aerosol air freshener? Your first thought must be how strong the smell is. That’s because these aerosol sprays are designed to mask odors.

The aerosol sprays need to have that overpowering smell to mask room odors. But that overpowering smell also numbs your sense of smell.

It means that visitors will probably smell the odors that these aerosol sprays are masking. This is where the best air freshener is superior in every way.

The best air freshener is non-aerosol, it has a gentle but long-lasting fragrance, and it neutralizes odors instead of masking it.

It’s non-aerosol – It’s packaged in a compact bottle with a spray nozzle. It doesn’t use an aerosol spray mechanism because it’s filled with essential oils, not gas. You only need a couple of sprays to neutralize odors in any room.

Long-lasting fragrance – Packed with essential oils. The Crown Choice air freshener doesn’t have filler or gas. You are paying for 4oz of the best and purest essential oils.

Neutralizes odors – The best air freshener don’t just mask odors. It should neutralize it. The secret ingredient is the natural essential oils and fermented product of yeast. When combined, these ingredients break down odors naturally and render them odorless.

Where to Use Our Natural Room Fresheners?

Essential oils naturally deodorizes and elminates nasty smells. It does not mask bad odors like synthetic fragrances. That is the power of nature and quality ingredients.

Our room freshener sprays are versatile you can use them to:

Deodorize smelly socks and shoes

Spray the dog bed

Bathroom freshener that eliminates poop odors

Eliminate smoke smells

Spray your entryway for an investing burst of freshness

Keep it in your car and spray as needed

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Best Natural Room Fresheners for Home, Office, Linen, Bathrooms, Toilets and more

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